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Buonconvento – San Quirico BSQ 20 km

Buonconvento San Quirico BSQ 20.

From the starting point of Buonconvento, close to the main street, you move towards the Cassia, you cross it and you go slightly upstream through the area of sports facilities and craft activities. Go down a concrete ramp and at km 2.4 cross it again, go along the Cassia for a few metres and at the fork take the provincial road on the right towards Montalcino, walking on a path on the side of the road (km 2.8).

We leave it at a point where the Ombrone river, which is on our right, makes a sharp U-turn and we ford a small ditch that forms the border between Buonconvento and Montalcino (Serlate torrent, 4.26 km).

We proceed for about one hundred meters on the edge of the road and then we turn left (4.6 km) and we begin a long stretch of dirt road (almost 10 km) in the middle of the Brunello hills (among vineyards and cultivated fields) passing by the farms Castello Tricerchi, Altesino (5.9 km), Casella and when we reach the church of San Sebastiano we turn left at the farm Collodini (8.6 km).

You have to pass the Viti farm, the Incontro community and the Desertino farm (11.9 km) until you reach Torrenieri (hamlet of Montalcino) at km 13.6. After leaving Torrenieri, there’s a stretch of a couple of km where you have to ride on a path on the roadside (sometimes directly on the road). Keep right at the crossroads at km 16.3 until you leave the paved road and abruptly turn right at km 18 in correspondence of a large gas station.

We pass under the Cassia (km 18.4) and the dirt road continues having on both sides farms with stretches of forest until you reach, with a small final stretch (km 21.4), San Quirico d’Orcia. We cross the town rich in monuments and here ends, in Piazza del Comune (km 21.6), the route Buonconvento San Quirico.

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

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