Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

Campiglia – Radicofani CR 15 km

Campiglia Radicofani CR 15 km.

Short route, on Saturday afternoon, proposed on an experimental basis to connect the two fortresses that look at each other from the two opposite sides of the Formone valley. The departure is preceded by the visit of the panoramic ring of Campiglia and the excursion ends in Radicofani with a special refreshment.

The first stretch is all downhill on a semi-abandoned provincial road that descends from the northern slopes of the Amiata until it meets the path of the 120 km just before the post of Ricorsi (km 3.94) and losing 330 meters of altitude. Turn right at the fork and continue to descend until the old post office of Ricorsi (km 4.81).

After the old post office of Ricorsi (km 5.1) the road forks at the access to the Cassia. Keep left; you pass under the Cassia and you take a small road that runs parallel to the Cassia having it on the right and on the left you have the shore of the Formone torrent. When you reach La Bisarca (km 6.2) the route bends slightly to the left, approaching the stream that forms a bend and then you have to go under a viaduct (SP 478 to Radicofani) and you have to cross the stream (km 6.6).

You pass under the Cassia and ride along the river for a while until you pass under the Cassia again (km 7.2) and continue along the edge of the river until the farm San Giorgio (km 7.9) where you turn left approaching the SP 478 (km 8.2) while the slope increases. At that point you have to turn right, instead of accessing the provincial road to Radicofani, and take the old dirt road of the Cassia.

It continues to climb until it meets again the provincial road for Radicofani at the point where the SP for Contigiano starts (locality Le Conie km 9.7 altitude 590). You follow the provincial road for Radicofani passing the crossroads of the SP 18 of the Amiata Mountain and you continue along the road for Radicofani leaving it at km 12.2 (665 m) where you turn right.

We continue to climb on a dirt road until km 13.9 (760 m) where we turn left and go back on the road to Radicofani now near the village. You ride for about 500 m and then leave it to turn left and enter the village along the central Via Roma (km 14.8).

Register at the finish line and get the certificate of participation.

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

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