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Walking Francigena Ultramarathon – F.A.Q.

F.A.Q. – updated to 07/03/2022
Abandonments during the event

In case of withdrawal you call the emergency phone indicated on the bib (provide the position deducible from whatsapp by clicking on the paperclip of the attachments and choosing position) and wait for the arrival of the service staff that withdraws the bib and accompany the nearest manned point from which you will be sorted to the first useful point to take a shuttle.

Particular attention will be paid to the management of the night. In that case, the participants will be taken to Gallina or Radicofani and from there transferred to Acquapendente on Sunday where, those who need to return to Siena, will use the shuttle.

Medical Certificate

Article 7 of the regulations says: “For reasons linked to the homologation of the event and for the particular commitment required, the participant in the SA and SQA must attach a medical certificate attesting to the state of good health (certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports practice).

The certificate, valid on the date of the event, must be uploaded to the portal by the individual participant through the personal data sheet. In addition to the certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports, certificates of fitness at a higher level are also valid. The certificate can be uploaded at any time, before or after registration, as long as it is before the event, by accessing “my data”. 

How to get to the starting point in Siena
If you arrive by car in Siena is convenient to leave the car in one of the many free parking interchange places on the sides of the ring road. It’s particularly convenient the one at the exit Siena Sud. You exit and continue in the direction of the Cassia (towards the east). After 500 meters, passed under the ring road, you arrive at a large parking lot where you can go up to near the Duomo using the minibus (pollicini). At the stop there is a ticket distributor. You get off the pollicino at the third stop after Porta Tufi at a crossroads where going straight you get to the Duomo while to the right you go down towards Piazza del Campo. The geographical coordinates are 43.297007935667686, 11.334649311711187
For those arriving by train, from the train station there is an escalator system that leads quickly to the antiporta Camollia from which, in less than 1 km, you arrive in Piazza del Campo. In correspondence of the station there is also a pay parking at a cost of 2 € per day (alternative solution to that of Siena Sud). Geographical coordinates are 43.330992154223324, 11.323894273177174
Campiglia Radicofani – how to get there and back

On Saturday it is practically impossible to get to Campiglia by public transport and therefore there are only two possibilities to participate:

to arrive in Campiglia with one’s own means of transport and to use the shuttle to return to Campiglia from Radicofani
to set up an extraordinary transport service Siena-Campiglia with departure from Siena around 12:00 and return Radicofani-Siena around 21-21:30 in order to give way to competitors to take advantage of the various refreshment services that will be organized in Radicofani. This hypothesis will be evaluated based on the progress of registrations by August 31.

The departure from Campiglia will be preceded by a guided tour of the village and of the panoramic ring.

Communications to the secretariat

The secretariat will reply to emails with specific questions or queries on topics that are not already covered in the FAQ. Please pay attention to write a pertinent subject containing name and surname and a summary of the problem because, due to the high flow of e-mails, if the subject is the same as the e-mails generated by the system, the mail server automatically files them in the Enrollment or Registry folders without placing them in the inbox and therefore the secretary does not see them.

Where to stay

At the point of departure or at the point of arrival? Taking into account the needs that may arise with the shuttles due to the emergency that could reduce the capacity of the vehicles, it is preferable to the second hypothesis because when you arrive there are waiting for you, room, change, shower, …. Of course, this is valid if it is easy to move, the morning of departure, by public transport or other personal means to the point of departure.

This solution is particularly convenient for the route Siena Buonconvento because from Buonconvento, on Saturday morning, there are three trains that allow you to arrive at the departure point in good time. If you stay overnight in Siena, in addition to the shuttle, there is a train in the afternoon. 

Management of other members

The function “manage other members” allows you to perform two functions: register minors who are placed under the guardianship of those who register them, and associate a single member with several people (who have previously registered). This is done by choosing “associate member” and then typing at least the first 8 characters of the tax code (for security reasons).  

Once a member is associated with another, the latter can perform the operations of pre-registration, registration and payment on his own. It is enough to enter in Registration and next to your name you will find those who have been associated and for whom you can make the registration.

The payment can be done at the same time or, if you leave without paying, from the menu item “Debt position”.

This function, in addition to managing the enrollment of friends and family, is essential for the management of groups by the group leader.

After an individual has been associated the eventual cancellation of the relationship can only be done by us and to perform it just write to the secretariat.

Management of minors

Minors should not be registered from the entry form, but from the “Manage other members” function by the adult to whom the minor is entrusted, and all communications concerning the minor will be sent to the e-mail address of the entrusting adult. 

The adult already registered who takes care of the minor can access the “Manage other members” function. In the top right hand corner there is the “Add minor” button. The personal data will be requested, but the telephone and e-mail address of the adult will already be filled in.

In the case of minors close to reaching the minimum age to participate in a particular route, send an email to the secretariat to evaluate together any exceptions (in which case the registration will be made directly by the secretariat). 

The self-certification form for minors must bear at the bottom the essential data (Name, Surname and Tax Code) and the signature of the same by the adult who accompanies him and who made the application on his behalf.

Partial Gratuity

Those who had to renounce to the previous year’s edition for reasons of force majeure and opted, by communicating it in due time, for the partial gratuity in the next edition, can exercise their right by sending an email with the subject “Name and Surname – partial gratuity for renunciation 2021”. In the text it is enough to specify which route is requested and if you intend to use the shuttle. No other information is needed. The secretariat, after verifying the existence of credit to send the link for that particular payment. After verification of payment, the secretariat will perform the manual registration and the interested party will receive a confirmation email.

Green pass and health precautions

We will comply with the provisions in force at the time of issuance of permits by the prefecture in the imminence of the event. The page already created last year at this address will be updated.

Groups and more favorable conditions

As stated in Article 11 of the Regulations, groups that participate in an organized manner are entitled to one free ticket for every ten shares. The steps to follow are as follows:

The group sends an email to the secretariat specifying: name, location and name of the group leader. There is no need for formal acts of statutory type and what will be authentic, as mentioned in the next paragraph, will be only the cumulative management of payments. The secretariat creates the group by inserting the name and name of the group leader who, at this point, using the menu item “group management” will see a synthetic report of his group on the screen and can also access an analytical report from which he will see the members.
The group leader, using the “manage other members” function, connects his associates to his own personal data, therefore, if he enters into Registration he will find the possibility of registering himself and the associates by choosing the section and confirming
Then, from Accounts Payable Management, he makes the payment for his associates. The payment can be made indifferently with one or more transactions and these payments will increase a counter of turnover referred to the association which is visible with a special function to the group leader and which can be consulted by him (see previous point). It is advisable, in order not to make mistakes, to make a first test payment for two or three bibs. 
When 10% of the turnover (regardless of the routes chosen by the members who have already paid) reaches the equivalent of a free fee, the group leader can write to the secretariat specifying the name and the route to be assigned free. On this basis, the secretariat will make the free registration (with assignment of the bib) in a manual way and the interested parties (free member and group leader) receive notification. At the same time the credit is updated. 

The booking of shuttles (service managed in outsourcing) is not part of the discount.

Information on the start (for registered members)

Each participant in the event will receive a personalized e-mail containing, in addition to information about bib collection and the place of concentration, the form for the delegation of bib collection to another participant and the self-certification form (without which the bib will not be delivered). This also applies to organized groups.

It is possible to pick up the bibs by proxy using the forms that will be sent by email to the walkers together with the self-certification form, whose pdf models will be made available on the home page.

In order to safely manage the start we will have to divide the participants in groups. Please do not make any requests for exceptions to the concentration of starters. We must operate safely and there is no way for organizational reasons, to activate individual waivers. The groups will start at intervals of a couple of minutes and you can easily rejoin just outside the city / country with those ahead who will stop to wait for those behind (it’s not a time trial!).

If the organizational problems will allow it, as requested by many competitors, we will try to start first the canmminatori of 120 km.

Information on routes

Information about the routes can be found by choosing registration. A multiple menu appears with the available routes and the possibility to enter a single route by clicking on “see and sign up”.

You can see a series of summary information (including length and elevation gain), an analytical description of the route and a list of the necessary equipment. The mileage characteristics of the route can also be seen on the official website.

Registration and shuttle booking

You can enter from Registration (as for information on the routes) but after selecting the route you can, instead of exiting, confirm participation in the event by moving to the payment (registration).

The payment by credit card makes the registration (with assignment of the bib number). If you do not pay immediately you can do it later through the debit position.

There have been cases of people who have realized that they have chosen a wrong route only after having mistakenly paid a higher amount (corresponding to another route) and having confirmed the route and then the payment (with generation of the bib number). The accounting system is fully automatic and therefore it is not possible to make refunds. Write to the secretariat that will provide a manual management of the process.

After making the payment, the subscriber receives an email containing confirmation of registration, the invitation to print the receipt from the section “my receipts”, the bib number that has been assigned and the description of the chosen route.

The shuttle service, as specified in the regulation is managed by an external company and the rate is 5 € for all routes (which become 10 after September 15 for reasons of planning the service).

The reservation of the shuttle can be made at the time of registration when you check the acceptance of the rules and regulations or, if you wish, at a later time, from the entry. When you book the shuttle, an email is produced separately from the registration email which serves as a ticket for access to the service. Payment for the service appears as a separate item on the receipt.

Bus line Acquapendente Siena

There is a public connection (Civitavecchia Siena) managed by SAP (Info: +39 06-22751246 — Mobile : +39 348-7609942) on weekdays including Saturdays with the following times:

Acquapendente 6:55 am via Cassia 80 next to the bar La Pergola (Acquapendente stadium with ticket sales) tel bar 0763 711095
San Quirico 7:25 am via Cassia km 184.200 fuel station (ticket on board)
Siena 8:40 a.m. Piazza Rosselli (railway station) from where you can take the escalators to Porta Camollia.

The bus, usually used by university students, is semi-empty on Saturdays but there is no possibility of booking and the possible capacity could be reduced from 54 seats. The bus could also be used by those who make the two routes SB and BSQ staying overnight in San Quirico to arrive at the departure on Saturday morning.

Bus line Acquapendente Abbadia San Salvatore

There is a public connection (Acquapendente Abbadia) managed by Cotral:

For those who leave the car in Acquapendente and spend the night in Abbadia on Saturday at 14:15 departure from Acquapendente from Porta S. Angelo.
For those who leave the car in Abbadia and stay overnight in Abbadia return with our shuttle 
Mail from the system

When you make an operation of any kind the system sends you in real time a communication email (registration, temporary password, password reset, confirmation code of pwd change, confirmation of registration).

If you don’t receive the email there are only two possibilities:

during registration you typed a wrong e-mail address. Since we can’t write to you and you don’t write directly to us, we will cancel your account. You realize this because the system no longer recognizes your tax code and you will have to register again.
Your mailbox is full. You can realize this by sending an e-mail message to yourself. If it does not reach you, you just have to empty it.
Changing personal data

After the personal data or pre-registration data have been entered and confirmed, they can no longer be modified by the user. To make any corrections, you must send an e-mail to walkingfrancigena@gmail.com indicating your name and surname and specifying the error. Please remember, when writing to the secretariat, to fill in the subject line in a non-generic way, or worse, to leave it blank, to avoid your message ending up in the spam folder.

Shuttles from Acquapendente and trains in Siena to Florence

To reach Florence on Sunday evening, given the inconvenience of the Florence-Siena train line (often with a change in Empoli), the possibility of using the rapid buses from Siena (La Lizza bus station in Via Tozzi) to S. Maria Novella should not be discarded.  

The shuttles from Acquapendente will start leaving immediately after lunchtime on Sunday. If there are large and organized groups interested in being in Siena by a fixed deadline, it is advisable that they contact CCS Mr. Luca del Segato tel. 3358334882 ccscarservice@gmail.com to build an acceptable solution (fixed departure time).


As stated in the regulation, the organization guarantees shuttles for the return from the point of arrival to the point of departure of each route (service to be booked) and in any case the return to Siena for everyone, on Saturday evening from San Quirico and Sunday evening with the shuttle that leaves from Acquapendente.

At the request of the transport company, we ask all participants to exercise sacred patience and avoid pressuring the drivers on matters that do not depend on them. The shuttles will leave when, according to the expected arrivals, the optimal capacity is reached.

Payment – various problems

There have been cases of people having difficulty using their credit cards. It is advisable to get help from an expert friend because we can not give any assistance since it is a process not managed by us but by the STRIPE circuit of credit cards (there may be blocks on the smartphone used or have not followed the requests correctly).

It involves typing the card number, the expiration date MM AA) and the three-digit numerical code that is on the back of the card. Please note that the Postepay of Poste Italiane is not a real credit card (it uses Paypall) and therefore does not work in the Stripe circuit.

There have been, out of thousands of transactions, a few transactions not completed correctly. In this case write to the secretariat an email with the subject: “Name – surname – block on Stripe” attach the screen shot and check with the manager of the card if the transaction is completed on their side. We will solve the problem within 24 hours.

Pre-registrations and payments can also be made by a single participant on behalf of a group, but individual members must first have registered individually. In that case the group representative will use the manage other members function. In this case will be generated a single receipt in the name of those who paid but will still be generated e-mail confirmation of registration and bib number (including any additional mail that acts as a ticket for shuttles) sent to individual members.

The payment receipts are in the name of the person who paid, but in the body of the receipt they indicate the competitor to whom they refer. They can be consulted and printed from “My receipts” while the competitor will receive an individual communication with the data of the route and the bib number. Keep with care this email generated by the system and that acts as a receipt of registration.


These are the links to the different pages that describe the routes with images of the track, elevation profile and description. The images of the routes (galleries) have been dimensioned to be consulted from PC. From the Smartphone we suggest to keep pressed on the image and from the contextual menu choose to visualize in another window to enlarge the size at will by enlarging thumb and index finger.

Siena Buonconvento SB 35 km

Buonconvento San Quirico BSQ 20 km

Siena San Quirico SSQ 55 km

Siena San Quirico Acquapendente SQA 65 km

Siena Acquapendente SA 120 km

Abbadia San Salvatore Acquapendente ASA 35 km

Campiglia Radicofani CR 15 km 

The two routes SA (120 km) and SQA (65 km) have a considerable stretch at night. In addition to the detailed safety rules, please note that the routes take place without interruptions for sleeping and allow only brief stops at the refreshments provided.

Please note that high visibility belts with front and rear coverage of shoulders and waist are equivalent to the vest. Given the criticality of communication during the night is recommended to bring a power-bank to avoid being left with the smartphone unloaded.

Multiple routes

During registration you can choose more than one route and in that case you will have more than one bib. In the event that you sign up for more than one route there are no discounts of any kind and it is useless, as per regulation, to request to have only one bib number. The routes that allow multiple runs are the ASA of Sunday to be associated with one of the four short sections of Saturday, namely SB (35 km), BSQ (20 km), ASQ (55 km) or CR (15 km).

For issues related to the return of participants who make more legs is recommended to stay overnight, if public transport allows, in a central position so you can use the car to move to the second location of departure.

Bibs (distribution)

The times and places of withdrawal will be specified in the imminence of the event through the email summary. The bib is collected by the person concerned or by his delegate with the exhibition of the delegation pre-attested to the delegator. 

Presence of accompanying persons and dogs

As specified in Article 8 of the Rules and Regulations, the presence of persons other than competitors with bibs is not allowed along the course of the event. Family members and companions are admitted only and exclusively in the places indicated in the article of the regulations both for organizational and safety reasons. Therefore, the presence of bicycles or other means of transport as accompaniment along the route is not allowed.

As specified in the regulation, it is possible, only for the stretches without the night route, to bring dogs as long as they are not aggressive, kept on a leash and under the responsibility of the participant. At the request of some participants it is specified that in the sections BSQ, SSQ and CR that have only the final stretch at night, the presence of dogs is allowed.

Arrival registration – stamps and certificate

When the walker finishes his route must be presented at the arrival registration where he will be given the certificate of participation already filled with his data and it will be possible to put the stamps of completion of the stage on the passport francigena delivered in the race pack or in the one already in possession of the walker.

Personal data registration 

From the 2021 edition has changed the mode of registration that takes place in a single step. We recommend you to perform these operations calmly and using a PC or tablet because of the risk of incorrect typing with smartphones.

You are asked to fill in your personal data. During registration, on the basis of the anagraphic data entered, a hypothesis of tax code appears that can be confirmed or changed (in the rare case in which the standard CF is already assigned or for the case of birth communes that have changed province of belonging). The Fiscal Code guarantees identity; it must be correct and appear on the tax receipt. For this reason, a congruity check will be carried out during registration. Accounts that show fake tax codes will be cancelled by the secretariat.

The choice of the password is now contextual to the registration (at least 8 characters long with at least one upper case, one lower case and one digit).

Be very careful to type correctly: 

the e-mail address which must be personal (if you type a few wrong characters you will not receive the confirmation of registration and therefore you will not be able to continue)
the phone number which is used for control and assistance during the event.

Even if you normally use nicknames or diminutives, your name and surname must be your personal ones and they will appear on the payment receipt.

At the end of the registration a message appears on the screen that confirms the registration and invites you to go to your email to confirm the link that informs you of the correct registration. If you do not find this email, it means that you have registered an incorrect address and you must write to the secretariat indicating the correct one. We will make the change. If you don’t correct it, you won’t be able to connect because the lack of confirmation of the link blocks any access.

A difficulty has been reported regarding the insertion of birth dates. The calendar that appears on the screen allows, by positioning on the year, instead of year and month, to scroll the years until the desired one. As an alternative, just type the date in the format DD/MM/YYYYY.

Registration of non-Italian citizens

For citizens born abroad who may not have a tax code, the system asks if you have a tax code and, if not, it generates a similar code (based on surname, name, date of birth and state) that will be used as an account and will be indicated in the confirmation e-mail that the system sends to those who register. 

Renunciations, changes of route, gratuities and substitutions

As provided for in Article 11 of the regulations, even in case of renunciation due to force majeure (accident, illness, unforeseeable family commitments, …) there are no forms of reimbursement but it is possible to opt for one of the two following possibilities:

renouncement and registration with 50% gratuity for the following year’s event (with elimination of the bib number already assigned and its assignment to another competitor). In order to be registered and to give rise to partial free registration for the following edition, the renunciations must be received by the deadline for the closure of registration; in fact, from October 1st the bibs will be printed and the situation becomes unchangeable.
Within 48 hours before the closing of entries, another participant may take over for the same route (or shorter route) and keep the bib number. The new entrant must register in the system without carrying out other operations. The renouncer and the new participant will send to the secretariat a personal email (in case of more than one leg, one for each leg) declaring to accept the change and the secretariat, after receiving the email, will change the description of the payment receipt which will remain in the name of the person who made the payment (in case the payment was made by a third person, indicate the receipt number and the payer). The secretariat will send a confirmation email to both. The search for a replacement is the responsibility of the renouncer because the secretariat does not have lists of possible replacements and the registration process (until payment by credit card) is fully automated. 
The member who decides to make a change of route must send an email to the secretariat with the subject “Name and surname, change of route from XX to XX”. In the case of higher cost path the secretariat will send a link to the integration of the contribution, in the case of lower cost there are no refunds, but if the difference is a fee you can indicate the name and surname and the route XX and in that case the secretariat will proceed to effetture a free registration (the beneficiary must be registered in the system).


The complete list of refreshments, in addition to what is indicated in the regulation, is specified in the final email specifying those that administer food and hot drinks. Hot food includes both a first and a second course.

Password loss and password change after registration

After the first registration, in case of loss of password in the access form it is possible to request a password reset and if you confirm you will receive an email with a temporary pwd. When you connect (with CF and provisional pwd) a mask comes out: 

Invites you to type twice the new pwd (at least 8 characters long with at least one digit, one upper and one lower case letter); if messages of increased complexity appear, it means that you are not following the minimum requirements
Invites you to click on the anti-spam control;
At this point, to confirm the operation, click on “change password” (do not click on “back to login” that makes you exit without making the change)
The system sends via email in real time a control code, which must be entered, and at this point you receive confirmation (both on screen and via email) and you can connect with the new password.

The procedure is a bit cumbersome, but it serves to avoid identity theft. As repeatedly pointed out, if you do not receive the code it means that an incorrect e-mail address was entered during registration: write to the secretariat.

Registration fee rates

With the exception of CR 15 € by way of promotion, the ordinary participation fee (20 € for SB, BSQ and ASA; 40 € for SSQ, 55 € for SQA and 65 € for SA) undergoes small price variations depending on the period of registration:

5 € discount for those who enroll before July 15
surcharge of 5 € for those who register after September 15
Route maps and .gpx files (available on the home page)

The .gpx format corresponds to a text file in which the tracks are described through a succession of points of which the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) are provided using a standard format that can be read by the various navigation applications (Garmin base camp, Outdoor active, GPX Viewer and many others). 

Once the file has been placed on the device (PC or Smartphone) you open the application you plan to use and use the command, always present, called “create track from GPX” or similar. In some smartphones where the application is installed (this is the case of GPX Viewer) just tap on the name of the file.

However, you must first download the file from the portal link. Many operating systems consider gpx files potentially dangerous (Trojan carriers) and therefore do not automatically associate them with applications. For this reason it is not sufficient to tap or double-click (what follows depends on the browser you use and, in the example below, we refer to Mozilla Firefox):

on PC use the right mouse button you get a contextual menu from which you choose “save link as” and at that point you have to choose where to place the file.
on smartphones (in my case P9 Huawey and Firefox) you hold down on the link until a context menu appears from which you choose “download link”.
Tracks and .kmz files (available on the home page)

The tracks of the routes in kmz format (Google Earth’s proprietary format) will be downloadable from the home page of the registration portal.

The kmz file, when you click on the link, is downloaded and saved in the download folder of both PC and Smartphone.

To view it from the PC it is good to have previously installed Earth and in that case just click to open the file (there may be compatibility problems with the latest versions in Windows 10 and in that case install an earlier version of Earth) or use the version available in the Google Chrome browser. 
To view it from the smartphone may happen that the kmz format is not associated with Google Earth in that case the file in the download folder is not recognized and there are two possibilities:
Install a different and less invasive application such as GPX Viewer (downloadable from the store)
Move the kmz file on your google drive or on an SD card; open google Earth and from the menu (horizontal dashes) choose projects; from the following page that contains the active projects choose open and choose Drive or SD card; position yourself on the kmz file and click. From there on the file that has been opened will appear in the projects tab and you can decide whether to view it or not with the menu with three vertical dots that appears to the right of the name 
 Luggage transport

The transport, as last year, is managed by an external company and is a paid service. For long distances it will also be possible to have an intermediate change in San Quirico. For information and reservations please contact Capital Chauffeur Service – Mr. Luca del Segato 3358334882 ccscarservice@gmail.com. Payment is made directly upon delivery of the luggage to the person in charge of the service.

Extra-urban public transport

In addition to the railway (Siena and Buonconvento stations), within the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, timetables and lines can be found on the website of Tiemme, which manages public transport. For reasons related to the timetables and the frequency of the runs, it is certainly more convenient to put a car at the point of arrival and then move by public transport to the point of departure.

Since Acquapendente is located in Latium, it is more problematic to move around Acquapendente and Radicofani (extreme south of the province of Siena). In case of need, call the tourist office of the Municipality of Acquapendente at 0763 7309234. A specific FAQ “Line Acquapendente Siena” has been added.