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San Casciano dei Bagni

San Casciano dei Bagni.

Historical and Touristic Notes

In Tuscany, on the border with Umbria and Lazio, lies the ancient village of San Casciano dei Bagni. The historical center is set around the top of the hill where it is located and the Collegiate Church that marks the summit with its bell tower. From the square, dominated by the elegant castle, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside.
Its territory extends for 90 square kilometers between Valdichiana, Valdorcia and Val di Paglia and here, in this uncontaminated land, among woods, gullies and clays, come to life the characteristic villages of Celle sul Rigo with its medieval tower, Palazzone and the Castle of Fighine.
Always been a borderland, located between the Grand Duchy and the State of the Church first, then between Lazio and Tuscany, the territory of San Casciano dei Bagni has long been a crossroads for travelers. So today travelers in search of a perfect balance between cultural excellence, breathtaking views and quality of life, can enjoy trekking, Nordic walking, mountain biking or take long horseback rides on the ancient paths of Roman pilgrims who traveled along the Via Francigena or descended along the Teutonica, intercepting the Cassia Consular Roman.
Great sacrifice and dedication to the land have made famous this extreme southern offshoot of the province of Siena, which every season offers an extraordinary journey of the senses, where the art of tradition is expressed in all its genuine simplicity: from the pici of Celle sul Rigo, ancient poor pasta rigorously handmade, to the ciaffagnone, pancake prepared by mixing flour, water and egg; from the Chianina breeding to the Cinta Senese; from the extra virgin olive oil to the wine Orcia DOC and Chianti DOCG of Palazzone.
San Casciano dei Bagni is known for the extraordinary presence of thermal waters. There are 43 springs scattered throughout the territory that, with a flow of water at 42° of more than 5 million liters per day, have marked its history. The Etruscans were the first to discover its exceptional nature, but it was only the Romans who developed the thermal area, which experienced its period of greatest splendor in the seventeenth century.
Today the same springs feed the luxurious spa, one of the most popular in Italy, but it is still possible to bathe in the warm waters among the remains of the ancient Roman baths. For more information: Municipality of San Casciano dei Bagni

Accommodation facilities

TipologyNameAddressPhoneMob. Phone
AffittacamereB & B Palazzo PalesaVia G. Carducci, 30 – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 537413384024283
AffittacamereB&B Casa PizzinelliVia Della Pace, 7+39 320 8162450320 8162450
AffittacamereB&B Casa RosaPodere Vetrichina Di Sopra, 446+39 0578 590113480957420
AffittacamereB&B Fonteverde LivingGalileo Galilei, 7 – Loc. San Casciano Dei Bagni+39 0578 58098335-6280575
AffittacamereB&B Fonteverde Living Appart. 10Galileo Galilei, 7 – Loc. San Casciano Dei Bagni+39 0578 58098335-6280575
AffittacamereB&B Il Podere Degli ArtistiVia Aurelio Manni, 6+39 0578581283519723533
AffittacamereB&B Il VillinoPodere Vetrichina Di Sopra, 446+39 0578 8590113480957420
AffittacamereB&B Madonna Del CarmineXxv Aprile, 31 – Loc. Palazzone+39 0578 56210 
AffittacamereB&B Villa VetrichinaPodere Vetrichina Di Sopra, 446+39 0578 59011348 0957420
AgriturismiAgr. San FrancescoLoc. Le Forconate – Fraz. Palazzone+39 0578 648563358226879
AgriturismiAgr.Mori GiacomoPiazza Pertini, 8 – Fraz. Palazzone+39 0578 227005 
AgriturismiAgriturismo CampotornoPodere Campotorno – Loc. Loc. Campotorno – Fraz. Palazzone+39 340 5080803340 5080803
AgriturismiAgriturismo Gori StefaniaLoc. Loc. Macetona – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 58153338 4362534
AgriturismiAgriturismo I CollomiciLoc. Loc. Collomici-Vittoria, 190 – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 53624331 5793695
AgriturismiAgriturismo Macetona Di Gori StefaniaLoc. Loc. Macetona – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 335 7249107338 4362534
AgriturismiAssolatinaPodere Assolatina 14 – Loc. Celle Sul Rigo+39 34503983343450398334
AgriturismiAuroraLoc. Bagno Grande+39 0578 583723391837217
AgriturismiAz. Agr. CasafabbriniPodere Ceppetto – Loc. Montefreddo – Fraz. Palazzone+39 0578 56130339 3261924
AgriturismiAz. Agr. Domus EtruscaPodere Madonna Del Pianto, 210 – Fraz. Palazzone+39 0578 56199349 6662348
AgriturismiAz. Agr. ForconatePodere Forconate – Loc. Le Piazze – Fraz. Fraz. Palazzone+39 339 1212737339 1212737
AgriturismiAz.Agr. Il  FittoRoma, 46+39 0578 58170 
AgriturismiAz.Agr.Fratelli MoriLoc. Fattoria E Podernovo+39 0578 56010337706426
AgriturismiAz.Agr.Il PoggioLoc. Loc. Il Poggio , 292 – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 53748 
AgriturismiAz.Agr.Le Radici Natura E BenesserePodere Le Radici+39 0578 56033 383356572860
AgriturismiAz.Agr.MuratelleVia Montagna, 1+39 0578 58203 
AgriturismiMontefreddoLoc. Loc. Montefreddo, 216 – Fraz. Palazzone+39 057819652313384160209
AgriturismiPalazzone E PornelloVia Piana, 15 – Loc. Loc. Palazzone+39 0578 560063391824945
AgriturismiPodere AmantinoPodere Amantino – Fraz. Palazzone+39 0577 51680 
AgriturismiPodere Campo Dell’Amato – Az. Agr. Squarcia DaniloLoc. Campo Dell’Amato+39 0578 583743385097409
AgriturismiPodere Il BagnoloLoc. Podere Bagnolo+39 33375990813299868610
AgriturismiPodere Poderuccio O Madonna La SantaLoc. Podere Poderuccio+39 0578561783473798258
AgriturismiPodere S.LorenzoFraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 537403405306650
AgriturismiPodere San PolidoroS.S. Del Polacco – Loc. San Polidoro+39 0578 58015335298325
AgriturismiPodernovoVia Della Pace, 7 – Loc. Podernovo+39 0578 580253299728406
AgriturismiTenuta MacetonaVia Macetona, 207 – Fraz. Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 347 6478359347 6478359
AgriturismiTorricella Di Ermanno GeronziCassia, 66 – Loc. Celle Sul Rigo – Fraz. Torricella+39 0578337279346 0065932
AlberghiAlbergo La PaceVia Del Teatro, 5 – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 537163383934215
AlberghiFonteverde Tuscan Resort And SpaLoc. Terme, 1+39 0578 57241 
AlberghiLa FontanellaVia Roma, 38+39 0578 583003387207856
AlberghiSette QuerceViale Manciati, 2/5+39 0578 58174 
Alloggi privatiGiovanna’S HouseG. Mazzini 14 – Fraz. Palazzone+39 33854722193385472219
Alloggi privatiLa FrancigenaPodere Pian Del Rigo, 252 – Loc. Ponte A Rigo+39 38992305563899230556
Casa VacanzeBorgo FighineLoc. Fighine Castello+39 057856158 
Locazioni turisticheAldo MorelliVia San Cassiano 3334803837
Locazioni turisticheAlessandro FerrettiVia Piana 3478456451
Locazioni turisticheBacci Maria GraziaVia Del Forno 3887438440
Locazioni turisticheCasetta FortunaVia Della Porticciola 3284880337
Locazioni turisticheDaniela DragottaPodere La Piscina  
Locazioni turisticheFastelli MauroVia Della Valle Del Rigo 3315793695
Locazioni turisticheGiuseppe Di MassimoVia Montagna 342 5849583
Locazioni turisticheHrefna TynesPodere Casanuova 3464993570
Locazioni turisticheLeandro GualtieriElberna  
Locazioni turisticheLeonardo Maria FenuVia Del Truogo 3484465374
Locazioni turisticheLorenzo QuadriVia Muzia 3270482190
Locazioni turisticheLuca ScordariVia Del Truogo 3667274545
Locazioni turisticheMauro ArtusioPodere Poderaccio 2 3286012560
Locazioni turisticheMonica PapaliniVia Roma Alta 3294722762
Locazioni turisticheNicola BrunoPodere Ranciole 3356869872
Locazioni turistichePietro DiniVia Della Porticciola 3398533418
Locazioni turisticheSimona SechiVia Della Porticciola 3338524001
ResidenceIl PoggioVia Il Poggio, 292 – Loc. Il Poggio – Fraz. Celle Sul Rigo+39 0578 53748