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Historical and Touristic Notes

When, exceeded the pass of Radicofani, the way Cassia begins to descend in direction Rome and it is opened before the eyes the ample valley of the river Paglia, to the center of it, to right, it attracts the attention a steep hill, dominated from a suburb surmounted from a mighty tower of an ancient Fortress.
It’s Proceno, a small town today, but which in the past knew moments of real power and reached in the Middle Ages a population of six thousand inhabitants. The coat of arms of Proceno perfectly encapsulates its history: the head of a wild boar, which recalls an ancient legend that tells of how Porsenna had been wounded by a wild boar during a hunt in the woods around Proceno which he took his name from and the keys of St. Peter recall its long membership in the Papal States; in an ancient coat of arms there is also the half moon which recalls the participation in the battle of Lepanto. With its 7 churches, the Castle (affectionately called La Rocca by the inhabitants), the Sforza Renaissance Palace, its streets in tuff, surrounded by a nature rich in water, due to the stream Lo Stridolone, Proceno well represents the image of a stop of peace and tranquility. Famous also for its red garlic, a product that characterizes many of the traditional dishes of the area, Proceno is the first village that pilgrims encountered crossing the border between Tuscany and the Papal State, the first Gateway to Latium, along the Francigena. A path that millions of them have traveled for centuries in the name of Christianity and that today, thanks to the agritourism structures and a hotel inside the village, is the destination of an international tourism that has led to the rediscovery of villages that, like Proceno, had known a period of oblivion.
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AffittacamereAffittacamere GuazzerottiCorso Regina
AgriturismoAgriturismo Il MolinoCorso Regina
AgriturismoAgriturismo Il PagliaVia
AgriturismoAgriturismo Il PinoLoc.
AgriturismoAgriturismo Il Sogno di StellaVia
AgriturismoAgriturismo La Casina di CentenoVia Cassia km 141,000 Fraz.
AgriturismoAgriturismo La collina dei CiliegiS.P.
AgriturismoAgriturismo la FranciolaLoc.
AgriturismoAgriturismo Le SpigheVia Cassia km 140,
AgriturismoAgriturismo L’OcandaVia Cassia km 141,
AgriturismoAgriturismo Poggio PorsennaLoc.
AgriturismoAgriturismo Predio PotantinoLoc. Poggio
AgriturismoAgriturismo Santa VeronicaS.P.
AlbergoCastello di ProcenoCorso Regina Margherita
B & BBed & Breakfast casale Luna tra gli uliviLoc. Le
B & BBed & Breakfast del CorsoCorso Regina
B & BBed & Breakfast OasisLoc. Poggio
OstelloOstello Casa del Pellegrino Palazzo
RistoranteRistorante Il Vecchio FornoVia Cassia km 140,
RistoranteRistorante La DoganaVia Cassia km 141,000 Fraz.