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Francigena Ultra Marathon 2022


The Regulation.

The project and the guide services with tours in Valdera, Costa degli Etruschi and Val di Cecina were born in the 90s.

Article 1 – Purpose and organization

The Walking Francigena Ultra Marathon (in the following WFU) is a non-competitive event at the pace of Trekking or Nordic Walking on the ancient route of the Via Francigena which will take place Saturday 8 and Sunday, October 9, 2022 along the ancient route of Sigerico. It is organized by the Sport and Tourism Department of the Municipality of Acquapendente, by the City of Siena Department of Tourism, by the Associazione Sportivo Dilettantistica Gruppo Trekking Senese Outdoor with the patronage of the European Association of Vie Francigene, the Region of Tuscany and with the collaboration of the Municipalities of Siena, Monteroni D’Arbia, Buonconvento, Montalcino, San Quirico D’Orcia, Castiglione D’Orcia, Radicofani, Abbadia San Salvatore, San Casciano dei Bagni, Proceno, Acquapendente. The manifestation, of international character, has the purpose to make to know a territory rich of natural and artistic beauties that constitute the historical-cultural and environmental patrimony of the Communes interested to the event. The event is guaranteed by the U.I.S.P. (Italian Union of Sport for All), is approved by the U.IS.P. for the two longest sections and is declared a non-competitive walk. It will be possible to start the route not only from Siena with the possibility to choose the route suitable to the ability of each participant. Due to the problems related to the emergency Covid you can determine changes to the provisions of the regulation with reference to the dates, the individual paths, the certification of vaccination (green pass), the possible staggering of departures and services available along the various routes. Any change will be promptly communicated by email to individual participants as well as in the home page of the portal of entries without producing further changes to the regulation.

Article 2 – Organizational references and information

The organizational references for walkers are the following the registration portal that is used for registration and enrollment and that can be reached at: the e-mail address of the secretariat: where you can contact for any question regarding the registration. The secretariat will reply only to e-mails that do not ask questions whose answers are already present in this regulation and that have been further detailed in the F.A.Q. the document of the F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) containing the answers to the most frequently asked questions and that is constantly updated. The F.A.Q. are grouped by title in alphabetical order and can be reached from the official website, from the entry form of the enrollment portal, from the home page of the portal and directly at: As far as diffused information and propaganda are concerned, the official site and Facebook pages are available. The official site is identifiable with any search engine, its web address is and, in addition to general information, it contains the links to access the registration portal, the detailed description of the routes, the pages dedicated to accommodation with specific information for the 11 municipalities along the route. The Facebook page can be found at The tourism offices of the municipalities of Siena and Acquapendente are available at the following addresses: Municipality of Siena: Tourist Information and Reception office palazzo Berlinghieri piazza il Campo 7 Siena office hours 9-18 – tel 0577 292222 – e-mail Municipality of Acquapendente: reference Corinna Pernigotto tel. 0763/7309234 tourism office office hours 9-14 – for issues related to the territory of Acquapendente you can also contact Sergio Pieri who operates on behalf of the Municipality at 339 2680840

Article 3 – Routes, return shuttles and registration fee

The event will be carried out in all weather conditions and covers the following routes whose details are indicated in the entry forms: Siena Acquapendente in initials SA22 said 120 km – 65 €. Siena Buonconvento in abbreviation SB22 said 35 km – 20 €. San Quirico D’Orcia Acquapendente in acronym SQA22 said 65 km – 55€ Buonconvento San Quirico D’Orcia in acronym BSQ22 said 20 km – 20€ Abbadia San Salvatore Acquapendente in acronym ASA22 said 35 km – 20€ Siena San Quirico d’Orcia in acronym SSQ22 said 55 km – 40€ Campiglia d’Orcia Radicofani in acronym CR22 said 15 km – 15 €. The participation fee is discounted by 5 € for those who register by July 15 and increased by 5 € for those who register after September 15. For the new CR route with low cost registration, the participation fee is not subject to discounts or surcharges. In the following, in order not to burden the text, in correspondence of the acronyms, we will subtend the suffix 22 that indicates the 2022 version of the event. The exact mileage together with a description of the route is reported within the registration form in the portal of entries as well as on the official website under the heading routes and this description is sent to the participant at the time of registration in the confirmation email. The indicated mileage has been obtained assuming that the competitor always runs the optimal trajectory. In this regard, and to avoid unnecessary complaints, please note that the real path traveled is never the optimal and a difference of more than 3% (three meters on 100 meters), is entirely realistic, it can determine, especially on the longest sections, changes in kind of mileage that must be taken into account (in the case of Siena Acquapendente are determined almost 4 km more). Compared to the 2021 edition, whose routes are confirmed, two new routes are proposed: The Siena San Quirico that meets the choice of many competitors to enroll in SB and BSQ avoiding the two bibs and two separate entries The Campiglia d’Orcia Radicofani proposed, experimentally, in the afternoon of Saturday with a short length that allows you to cross the Val d’Orcia with the light and reach Radicofani just after sunset. The registration fee includes Accident insurance (coverage in case of death and permanent disability) with U.I.S.P. Policy, souvenir jersey of the event, bib, refreshments, buffet, assistance services. For organizational reasons and planning, the impact on the budget of the event and fairness to participants who do not use it, the shuttle service (from the point of arrival to departure) is a separate service and those who wish to take advantage of it can make the reservation at the same time of registration or at a later time by accessing the “My data” in the portal of registration. The cost of the service is € 5, the reservation is not revocable and you will access the shuttles by presenting the receipt generated by the system upon payment. For reasons related to the planning of the service, the cost of the shuttle after September 15 is fixed at 10 €.

Article 4 – Departures, arrivals and time gates

Departures: from Siena: Piazza del Campo on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Concentration before 9:30 a.m. from Buonconvento: piazza Matteotti corner via Roma Saturday 2:00 pm from San Quirico: piazza Chigi Saturday at 21:00 from Abbadia San Salvatore: parking lot near the abbey-cathedral Sunday 9:00 am from Campiglia d’Orcia near the panoramic route Saturday at 14:30 Arrivals: Buonconvento: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi San Quirico d’Orcia: Piazza Chigi in front of the Town Hall Acquapendente: Piazza G. Fabrizio in front of the Town Hall Radicofani: via Roma (town center) At the arrival each competitor will present himself at the reception desk, will be noted the completion of the route and will receive a personalized certificate of participation. Maximum time and time gates:
  • Siena Acquapendente arrival within 18:00 on Sunday Buonconvento – Intermediate gate: arrival at 18:00 and exit at 19:00 San Quirico d’Orcia – Intermediate gate: arrival at 22:30 and exit at 23:30 Gallina – Intermediate gate: arrival at 3:30 and exit at 4:30 Radicofani – Intermediate gate: in transit (arrival and departure) at 8:00 am Ponte a Rigo – Intermediate gate: arriving at 12:00 and leaving at 13:00 San Quirico Acquapendente as for SA with gates at Gallina, Radicofani and Ponte a Rigo Siena Buonconvento arrival within 18:00 on Saturday Buonconvento San Quirico arrival within 22:00 on Saturday Siena San Quirico arrival by 22:00 on Saturday, gate at Buonconvento as for SA Abbadia San Salvatore Acquapendente arrival within 18:00 on Sunday Campiglia d’Orcia Radicofani arrival by 19:30 on Saturday.Anyone passing through the gates after the indicated time, by the control and assistance staff recognizable by the appropriate badge, will be withdrawn the bib and he will no longer be under the responsibility of the organizers of the event.During the course of the event, in the points of departure, arrival or passage of the walkers will be proposed by the individual municipalities and / or associations various activities of animation.

    Article 5 – Registration

    To register the participant must perform the following operations, connecting to the portal registration (for those who have not already registered in one of the previous events) with an indication of the tax code that acts as an account, registration of individual and personal identification data including telephone (necessary for control and assistance along the way) and the email for communications and confirmations of identity registration choice of one or more routes with payment by credit card; the payment determines the registration and assignment of bib number and is not revocable by the subscriber. The technical details of the registration process are described in the FAQ. Participants can register for more than one route and the allowed overlaps are the following: one of the three short routes on Saturday (SB, BSQ, CR) associated to the ASA on Sunday. In case of registration for more than one leg, separate bib numbers will be assigned. The closing date for registrations is 24:00 hours on September 30, 2022 or, earlier, when 2,000 bibs/registered athletes are reached. For organizational and safety reasons, we reserve the right to set maximum numbers of participants, which will be indicated on the registration portal.

Article 6 – Bib numbers

The bib number is assigned at the time of registration and uniquely identifies a participant and a route. For security reasons, the bib number is personal and cannot be transferred or exchanged. It must be attached in a clearly visible way on the clothing or on the backpack with which you participate. Under no circumstances may the markings be concealed. It identifies the participant with regard to access to the various services. The registered participant is responsible for the ownership and custody of his/her race bib which allows him/her to use all the services mentioned in these regulations and subsequently communicated. Anyone who, without regular registration, participate without a bib or with a counterfeit bib, in addition to being held responsible for damage to persons or property, including himself, may be liable to the penalties provided for the crimes of theft and / or fraud. The above cases will be found even after verification of photographic documentation and / or video. The bibs and T-shirt (race pack) can be collected in places, times and in the manner that will be communicated through the FAQ and in the summary email sent to members after the closing of entries, in the immediacy of the event. For organizational reasons there are no other ways to withdraw the race pack even after the event.

Article 7 – General rules of participation, withdrawals, responsibilities and prohibitions, minors

Only those who are of age on the date of the event may register for the SA and SQA. With the exclusion of the two long and night races (SA and SQA) the age limit is 11 years old at the date of the event. Participants must be in perfect health and psychophysical shape to face the length of the route, any particular disease must be formally communicated by email to the organization at the time of registration. The participant regularly enrolled declares to know and respect the rules and is aware that any outdoor activity is abstractly and potentially a risk activity. For this reason the participant also declares: to register voluntarily, assumes all risks arising from participation in the event (falls, contact with vehicles, with other participants, spectators or other, weather conditions, traffic and road conditions), and recognizes that each type of risk is well known and assessed. Being aware of the above, the member raises and releases the Organizing Committee, from all present and future claims or liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, arising from participation in the event. In turn, the organization is committed to ensuring maximum safety and assistance to walkers through the organized and coordinated presence of civil protection associations, the Red Cross and other voluntary associations. For reasons related to the approval of the event and the particular commitment required, the participant to the SA and SQA must attach a medical certificate attesting to the state of good health (certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports practice). The certificate, valid on the date of the event, must be uploaded to the portal by the individual participant through the personal data sheet. In addition to the certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports, certificates of fitness at a higher level are also valid. The registration of minors is carried out by an adult with parental authority or temporarily delegated to it. This adult, at the time of registration assumes responsibility for supervision and subsequently accompanies the child during the event. The organization will contact him for any question concerning the minor. If a competitor decides to leave the event must send via Whatsapp his position and his bib number to the phone number indicated on the bib 3292605153. He/she will wait to be reached by our staff who will collect the bib number and accompany him/her to the nearest stopping point while waiting to be transferred to one of the finishing points. With the exclusion of the SA and SQA is allowed to bring dogs as long as they are kept on a leash and under the responsibility of the participant-subscriber. It is forbidden to run, under penalty of exclusion from the event with the withdrawal of the bib by the staff in charge recognizable by a special badge. It is forbidden to start before the official start of the event as it would not be guaranteed safety on the track and, in case of transgression, the organization reserves the right to withdraw the bib. At the time of registration, the participant automatically requests the registration to the Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica GTS Outdoor of Monteriggioni as a simple member and for the sole participation in the sporting activities of the WFU. All this allows to use GTS Outdoor for the management of some of the services necessary to the organization (including the secretariat service and the management of registrations) and allows the relationship with the UISP that approves the event and ensures the insurance coverage.

Article 8 – Equipment and vehicles

Participants are advised to wear technical clothing and carry a backpack with the following material: Hat and Spare clothing such as socks and T-shirt, Softshell jacket, Notebook with emergency numbers, at least 1 liter of water, snack and/or energy bars For the participants of the night routes trekking poles, whistle raincoat or poncho mini first aid kit (including blister plasters), power bank to guarantee autonomy to the smartphone, isothermal cover (metallina), flashlight or other type and spare batteries. For participants in the routes with stretches after sunset (SSQ, BSQ, CR, SQA, SA) is mandatory to wear a high visibility vest in those sections under penalty of withdrawal of the bib. Personal support vehicles are allowed only in the points established by the organization as detailed below: Ponte d’Arbia, Buonconvento, Torrenieri, San Quirico D’ Orcia, Bagno Vignoni, Gallina, Radicofani, Ponte a Rigo, Proceno, Acquapendente. In all other sections of the route will pass only residents and the means of the organization.

Article 9 – Assistance services along the route

The route will be controlled by the Civil Protection structures of the Municipalities involved in the event and by the Police Forces. The medical assistance service will be coordinated and taken care of by the CRI of Acquapendente with the collaboration of the CRI Senesi and/or Misericordie and Public Assistance. As specified in art. 3, for those who have booked the service, means of transport (shuttles) will be made available for the return journey in the immediate vicinity of the arrival points of Buonconvento, San Quirico, Radicofani and Acquapendente. The shuttle transfers will be made at the times established by the organization and will depart only when the vehicle has reached a sufficient number of seats to allow the journey with a full load (subject to restrictions related to Covid). To facilitate the organization in the transport of the many participants is required, in any case, the collaboration of the same in using their own means of transport or any accompanying persons and to choose places to stay overnight near the points of arrival. The luggage transport service will be managed by an external company (see FAQ), the same company that takes care of the shuttle service). For special needs such as intermediate changes the subscriber will agree directly with the person in charge of the service. There will be refreshments on the track every 7-8 km where they will be distributed water, fruit, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks as well as hot food at night. The reporting of any intolerances should be made at the time of registration and reported directly at the refreshment. In the towns of Buonconvento, San Quirico D’Orcia, Radicofani, Proceno and Acquapendente there will be refreshment points with toilets. In intermediate points, at some refreshment points, mobile toilets will be available. Shower facilities in Buonconvento and Acquapendente. There will also be refreshments with food and hot drinks at the following points/times: Buonconvento from 15:00 on Saturday San Quirico from 18:30 on Saturday Locality Gallina from 21:00 on Saturday Radicofani from 19:00 on Saturday and from 00:00 on Sunday Proceno from 5:30 on Sunday Acquapendente from 8:00 on Sunday

Article 10 – Hotel reservations

On the official website there is a list of all the accommodation facilities in the area (hostels, B & Bs, vacation homes, hotels, guest houses, farmhouses). For preventive advice on the choice of places to stay, after consulting the FAQ, you can contact the secretariat.

Article 11 – Extraordinary events and/or cancellations – organized groups

Without prejudice to what is mentioned in the introduction about the emergency Covid is further clarified as follows: in the presence of facts, events, weather conditions, precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of the event, the judgment of the organization with respect to any alternative routes is unquestionable there are no refunds of fees even in the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure (in that case, taking into account the general expenses already incurred, is guaranteed a discount of 80% for the next edition) in case of cancellation of the member due to health reasons or the inability to participate due to force majeure (personal or health reasons, including non-adherence to safety rules, or shift of date due to events that do not allow the regular course), are provided: the 50% discount for the registration to the next event or, alternatively, the possible replacement of a non-member indicated by the participant himself by contacting the secretariat. Since the date of closure of registrations is set in motion the organizational machine for the final fulfillments (bibs, lists, supplies, …) all operations of withdrawal or replacement cease from the date of closure of entries The groups that participate in an organized manner benefit from a free every ten shares that is counted as follows: The group sends an email to the secretariat specifying: name, place of origin and name of the group leader. There is no need for formal acts of statutory type and what will be authentic, as mentioned in the next paragraph, will be only the cumulative management of payments. The group leader, using the “manage other members” function, associates his associates to his account and makes the payment on their behalf. They must, however, have already registered in the system. The payment, which can also be made in more than one transaction, must be made exclusively by the group leader and these payments will increase a turnover counter referred to the association. When 10% of the turnover (regardless of the routes chosen) reaches or exceeds the equivalent of a free share, the group leader will write to the secretariat specifying the name and the route to be assigned free. On this basis, the secretariat will make the free registration. The shuttle service is excluded from the discount.

Article 12 – Image rights

Within the event will operate an official photographer who, in the following days will make available on a dedicated site the consultation of images with the possibility of proceeding to order. By signing the registration form for the WFU, the participant, as of now, expressly authorizes the organization to use, free of charge, any still and/or moving images of him/herself taken during his/her participation in the WFU. The authorization to use their image is understood to be granted indefinitely and without territorial limits throughout the world, for use in publications and films, including, merely by way of example and not limited to, promotional and/or advertising materials and made on all media. The organization may also transfer to third parties and to its institutional and commercial partners the rights of use provided for in this regulation.

Article 13 – Declaration of responsibility

By registering the registration form in the portal, the participant declares to know and accept the rules of the WFU published in the portal and on the site. He also declares expressly under his own responsibility, not only to have declared the truth (art. 2 law 04/01/1968 n° 15 as amended by art. 3 paragraph 10 law 15/05/1997 n° 127), but to exempt the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by him or derived from him. He/she acknowledges and accepts the informative note Art. 13 DLGS 196/2003 and subsequent modifications and integrations regarding the protection of privacy. The rules and contents of this regulation may be subject to change in the event of new decrees and more stringent safety standards related to the evolution of the health situation (for Covid-19) not foreseeable at the current date.

Article 14 – Final Rule

The detailed elements not provided for in this regulation will be specified through the homepage of the registration portal, the section containing the F.A.Q. and through the newsletter on the e-mail of the subscribers.