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San Quirico d'Orcia

San Quirico d'Orcia.

Historical and Touristic Notes

San Quirico d’Orcia is a town of Etruscan origin, but the first written mention is of the year 712. Starting from the eleventh century, the village acquired a growing importance due to its particular geographical position and its location on the Via Francigena.
In 1155 Frederick I Barbarossa camped there to meet the legates of Pope Adrian IV. In 1559, after the fall of the Republic of Siena, he took an oath of fidelity to Cosimo I dei Medici. In 1667 the cardinal Flavio Chigi was named marquis of San Quirico by the grand duke Cosimo III dei Medici.
Its territory represents the heart of the Val d’Orcia, a cultural landscape recognized in 2004 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
San Quirico is one of the most remarkable examples of medieval town planning in the Siena area. The Collegiate Church has three portals on the outside. The first is a magnificent example of Romanesque style. Still in evident Romanesque style is the portal at noon attributed to Giovanni Pisano. The other prothyrum (small portico) combines Romanesque and Gothic styles in an admirable balance. To admire, inside, in addition to the fifteenth-century triptych of Sano di Pietro and the Baroque elements, the wooden choir finely inlaid by Antonio Barili between 1482 and 1502.
Next to the Collegiate stands the Palazzo Chigi, now the seat of the Municipality, built in the second half of the seventeenth century by Cardinal Flavio Chigi and designed by the architect Carlo Fontana.
Splendid, in the heart of the historical center, the Horti Leonini, realized around 1580 by Diomede Leoni. From there you reach the Rose Garden, adjacent to S. Maria Assunta, a magnificent Romanesque parish church of which we have news from 1014.
On the main square there is the church of San Francesco, called church of the Madonna. Inside you can admire the beautiful Madonna by Andrea della Robbia, transferred here from the chapel of Vitaleta located between San Quirico and Pienza, and two polychrome wooden statues attributed to Francesco di Valdambrino.
Four kilometers south of San Quirico is Bagno Vignoni, a thermal center known for its water square. In the Middle Ages Bagno Vignoni enjoyed great fame and illustrious personages such as S. Caterina and Lorenzo dei Medici stayed there. Overlooking the panorama of the Val d’Orcia are the Roman baths and the Parco dei Mulini. In a dominant position on the panorama of the valley, stands the medieval fortress of Vignoni. Inside, the parish church in Romanesque style. With its splendid isolation is a true oasis of peace and tranquility.
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AffittacamereAffittacamere Locanda San BuonaventuraVia Cassia, 7 – Fraz. Bagno Vignoni+39 0577 887508 
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AgriturismiPalazzo Conti  BLoc. Podere Palazzo Conti B+39 338 4756647338 4756647
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AlberghiAlbergo  Le TermeLoc. Bagno Vignoni+39 0577 887150 
AlberghiAlbergo Il GaribaldiVia Cassia Km 17+39 0577 898315347 9547786
AlberghiHotel Adler ThermaeStrada Di Bagno Vignoni, 1+39 0577 8890003346481179
AlberghiHotel Posta MarcucciVia Ara Urcea, 43 – Fraz. Bagno Vignoni+39 0577 887112 
AlberghiPalazzuoloVia Santa Caterina, 43+39 0577 897080 
AlberghiRelais Palazzo Del Capitano – Res. D’EpocaVia Poliziano, 18+39 0577 899028 
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Alloggi privatiB&B Palazzetto Del PittoreVia Nuova 16+39 34957398183495739818
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Casa per ferieLa CollegiataDelle Carbonaie 18+39 34079679343407967934
Casa per ferieLa Collegiata Via Dante 22Dante Alighieri 22+39 34079679343407967934
Casa VacanzeCasa Del BerniniDante Alighieri 71+39 3453506450 
Casa VacanzeCasa Della FonteVia Dante Alighieri, 137+39 333 3050916333 3050916
Casa VacanzeCasa Ginestra E Casa CipressoStrada Di Bagno Vignoni, 1 – Loc. Bagno Vignoni+39 0577 887112347 0363376
Casa VacanzeCasa LupaPiccolomini, 15 – Loc. Bagno Vignoni+39 0577887112 
Casa VacanzeCountry House CerrecchioStrada Cerrecchio+39 347 5842682347 5842682
Casa VacanzeI MuliniV. Dei Mulini, 18 – Fraz. Bagno Vignoni+39 0577 887150 
Casa VacanzeLa TorreStrada Comunale Ripa D’Orcia, 62+39 0577897520 
Casa VacanzeNote In Val D’OrciaGaribaldi N. 26+39 34039591583403959158
Casa VacanzePichler UlrikeVia Dante Alighieri 82/B+39 33464811793346481179
Casa VacanzeResidence HillXx Settembre, 9+39 348 2046135348 2046135
Locazioni turisticheAdamo BindiVia Della Resistenza 3515386863
Locazioni turisticheAndrea CasiniVia Giuseppe Garibaldi 3298985274
Locazioni turisticheAndrea MartelliniLoc. S.Orsola 3493132117
Locazioni turisticheAndreana Emo CapodilistaLocalita’ Vignoni 3391825128
Locazioni turisticheAngela Maria SannaLippo Vanni 2/A  
Locazioni turisticheArmida RigoliVia Dei Fossi  
Locazioni turisticheBardi FrancoVia Giacomo Leopardi 3296132664
Locazioni turisticheClaudia ZancolliVia Dante Alighieri 3338761401
Locazioni turisticheDesi RubegniVia Delle Scuole 3406841292
Locazioni turisticheDesi RubegniVia Delle Scuole 3406841292
Locazioni turisticheDesi RubegniVia Delle Scuole 3406841292
Locazioni turisticheErina MecheriniVia Ugo Foscolo 3339880214
Locazioni turisticheFalciani TizianaVia Dei Canneti 3495739818
Locazioni turisticheFiamma LottiVia Dante Alighirieri, 94/A  
Locazioni turisticheIrma MartiniVia Dante Alighieri 3483718607
Locazioni turisticheIsabel Alice Walbaum RobinsonVia Dante Alighieri 3348137624
Locazioni turisticheMarco ParriVia Del Poggio 3273839813
Locazioni turisticheMario TurriniVia Del Poggio 3403877425
Locazioni turisticheRossano BindiVia Dante Alighieri 3515386863
Locazioni turisticheSalvatrice Margherita Susanna VaglioVia Dante Alighieri  
Locazioni turisticheSilvia SavelliLoc.Vignoni 3486037043
Locazioni turisticheSilvio BernettiVia Del Chiusone 3337661429
Locazioni turisticheVirginia NisiVia Giovanni Papini 3342833977
ResidenceSarna ResidenceStrada Di Ripa D’Orcia, 1+39 0577 898307 
Residenza AlpinaPalazzo Del PellegrinoDante Alighieri, 33+39 0577 899728328 6089875
Residenza Turistica alberghieraCasanovaS.P. 146 Per Chianciano, 6/C – Loc. Casanova+39 0577 898177