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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

Siena – Buonconvento SB 35 km

The route Siena Buonconvento.

From Siena, after crossing the center, you arrive at Porta Romana and you go down in a south-easterly direction on asphalt and then on a dirt road until the Certosa di Maggiano (km 2.17) and continue slightly downhill until the Ruffolo area where you pass over the SS 223 of Paganico (km 4.37).

Continue along the Certosa road and pass a traffic circle (km 6.9). At km 8.6 you turn right on the road of Borgo Vecchio and you’re near the industrial area of Siena, you cross the Cassia near the hill Malamerenda (km 9.7) and here you take the path originally traced by the Tuscany Region that leads to the dirt road of Radi; you follow it for a while and then you turn left (farm Belvedere km 12) going slightly up the hill through a succession of farms and cultivated fields. On the left there is the tower of tomatoes, a cylindrical concrete structure 50 meters high, built in the 60’s for the freeze-drying of tomatoes and never entered into operation. The tower is visible from miles away and has become an element of the landscape.

We approach Ponte a Tressa (km 15) until we reach the Grancia di Cuna at km 16.8. The Grancia is an ancient fortified granary owned by Santa Maria della Scala, currently under renovation. It remains on the left of the route that continues in a southerly direction.

After the town of Monteroni (km 18.4), the route continues halfway up the hill among hills cultivated with wheat, passes the Poggio del Cipressino at km 19.7 and arrives in Quinciano (km 21.9). After Quinciano, you have to ride along the provincial road 34 for a short stretch and then you have to cross it to get onto a dirt road (km 22.5) that runs along the railway line, first on the right and then on the left. It goes through farms and chianina cattle breeding and arrives in Ponte d’Arbia (km 27.6).

You cross the Arbia river on the new wooden pedestrian bridge (km 28) and then you cross the Cassia road. After a few ups and downs (between the areas of Serravalle and Poggiarello) you’ll reach the crest (km 30.9) with the Arbia valley (and the Cassia) on the right and, on the left, beyond the Ombrone river, beautiful views of the Crete area (up to the abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore).

Once in the vicinity of the cemetery of Buonconvento, go downhill (km 32.1) and, after a stretch along the edge of the Cassia, crossing the Ombrone just before its confluence with the Arbia, skirt the town entering through the northern gate and following the central road. Here ends the road Siena Buonconvento (km 32.7) and starts the road Buonconvento San Quirico d’Orcia.

Route lenght

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso

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Francigena Ultra Marathon Percorso