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Historical and Tourist Notes

Historical and Tourist Notes
Radicofani is located halfway between Florence and Rome, between Tuscia Viterbese and the Land of Santa Caterina, one of the five municipalities of the Val d’Orcia, a World Heritage Site since 2004. It stands on a rocky cliff that touches the sky.
The place has been chosen by man since time immemorial, as control and defense of a vast territory. The cliff dominates the valleys of Orcia and Paglia, crossed by the Via Francigena, which in Radicofani found a fortified and safe place, and by the Vie Traverse between Umbria and Maremma.
Radicofani was formed from four suburbs, one of which, Viclanus, had Etruscan-Roman origins. They were the Longobards to structure the territory; in fact, the toponym Radicofani derives from the name of the Longobard king: Rachis, from which “Rachis hofen” = “Court of Rachis”.
Remembered already in 973 “cum suo castro”…with its fortifications. Its history is inextricably linked to the Via Francigena, perhaps it was Sigeric’s “Sce Petir in Pail”, but we have no certainty. Other ancient characters remember him: Nikulas of Munkathevera in 1154, Philip Augustus king of France in 1191, Abbot Emo in 1212, Archbishop Eudes Rigaud in 1254…. Disputed by local squires, it was purchased by Pope Eugene III in 1153. In 1154 Pope Adrian IV built a real castle.
At the end of 1200 it is the outpost of the famous bandit-gentleman Ghino di Tacco remembered by Dante and Boccaccio. It was rented by the Republic of Siena in 1411 and passed to the Medici in 1559. In 1255 there were six Spedali for pilgrims: Xenodochio of Muliermala, Spedale di Fonte Ceccola of Camaldolesi monks, Spedale di Spineto of Vallombrosani monks, Spedale di S. Maria of Cistercensi monks, Spedale di Bonaionte, and the “Domus Leprosorum”.
Radicofani has maintained intact its medieval character, the imposing Fortress dominates the Borgo Maggiore whose main street is the Via Francigena. Between the medieval palaces and the ancient Spedali, opens the square S. Pietro with the Churches of S. Agata, and S. Pietro Apostolo of the XIII° century, that guard five works of the Della Robbia. Under the Borgo the Romantic-Esoteric Garden “Bosco Isabella”, built between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century by Senator Odoardo Luchini and his daughter Matilde, painter of the Macchiaioli, with essences from all over the world and a path that refers to the Masonic Temple, there is a pyramid built together with the garden…remains of an Etruscan place of worship and remains of a Sienese fortress of 1400. Very interesting is the “Osteria Grossa”, which functioned as a Post and Customs Station, from the end of 1500 to the end of 1800.
Built by Ferdinando I of the Medici, together with a beautiful fountain for the use of travelers. Famous people such as Mozart, Dickens, Pius VI, Pius VII, Ferdinand I, Cosimo II and Thomas Gray have stayed here. Also not to be missed are the oratory of S. Maria Assunta of the 15th century, the Praetorian Palace of the 13th century, the suburban church of the Madonna del Roccheto of the 12th century, the ancient Jewish Quarter, the Luchini Palace which was the seat of an “elite” boarding house for people linked to culture between the years 1920/1940, the Spedale di S. Not far from Radicofani is the hamlet of Contignano, which lies in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, it too has maintained its medieval character with its gates, the Tower and the Parish Church of S. Maria Assunta, the Hospital and the Commandery of the Order of S. Stefano.
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AffittacamereB&B  PietretaStrada  Madonna Delle Vigne Snc +39 3501123590
AffittacamereFranci FiorellaVia Del Borgo, 24-26+39 0578 52000 
AffittacamereLa Fattoria BellandiDel Borgo N.4+39 0578521463393211142
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AgriturismiAgriturismo Casetta IsabellaCasetta Isabella+39 05777780943394071956
AgriturismiAgriturismo Cerreto PianoLoc. Scaldasole+39 0577 779966338/8613082
AgriturismiAgriturismo CorvaiaPodere Corvaia+39 0578 55577339 6761030
AgriturismiAgriturismo Nenci Nicola Azienda AgricolaLoc. Loc. Cagnacci+39 0564 9674043939037187
AgriturismiAgriturismo Podere CasanoPodere Casano,+39 0578 52107339/5429811
AgriturismiAz. Agr. Borgo Di CastelvecchioVia Castelvecchio,+39 0578 52165339 6304039
AgriturismiAz. Agr. ReggianoLoc. Reggiano – Fraz. Contignano+39 0578 521313298041407
AgriturismiFattoria La PalazzinaLoc. Le Vigne – La Palazzina+39 05778990093346335591
AgriturismiLa CastellinaLoc. La Castellina+39 348 4530712348 4530712
AgriturismiLa MontallaPiazza Della Torre, 1+39 057852707336700145
AgriturismiLa SelvellaLoc. La Selvella+39 0578 555553487201546
AgriturismiPiandigoroPodere Piandigoro+39 335 6972893335 6972893
AgriturismiPietre  BianchePodere Pozzuolo,+39 0578 55885347/9237590
AgriturismiPodere PantanoPodere Pantano+39 0578 55772348/5645183
AgriturismiPodere San GiorgioVia Della Croce, 11 – Fraz. Contignano+39 339 5418528339 5418528
AgriturismiPodere San GiuseppeLoc. Scaldasole+39 34754411303475441130
AgriturismiPodere ScagnoloPodere Scagnolo,+39 0578 55900338/1575020
AgriturismiPoggio ImperialeVia S. P. 478+39 0578 55939338 5066046
AgriturismiSan LucianoPodere Ceppetelle, 20+39 0578 55933339 6045049
AgriturismiSterposi Di Carrone AntonelloPodere Sterposi, 31+39 338 5699622338/5699622
AlberghiAlbergo EniVia Dell’Orcia, 16+39 0578 512047335 830 7094
AlberghiAlbergo La TorreVia Matteotti, 7+39 0578 55943 
Casa VacanzeCasa Al TreggiaPodere Casa Al Treggia,+39 055 680498348/7845278
Casa VacanzePietretaStrada Santa Maria Delle Vigne Snc+39 0578559953501123590
Locazioni turisticheAlessandro FicolaVia Ettore Flori 3805285054
Locazioni turisticheAllen Ernest JonesLocalita’ Podere Colombaiolo 3466390091
Locazioni turisticheAntonio Del BiancoLoc. Poggio Benedizione Pod.Maltaia 31650287324
Locazioni turisticheChiara RuggeriLocalit? Poggio Benedizione 3343030239
Locazioni turisticheDeanna BonsignoriVia Renato Magi 3669317988
Locazioni turisticheDevincenzi MiriamVia Della Croce 3345307869
Locazioni turisticheDonatella MoricoVia Della Croce 3283866735
Locazioni turisticheEnrica PucciViale Marconi 3486039138
Locazioni turisticheEnrico MagiPiazza Anita Garibaldi 3391471088
Locazioni turisticheFranca RomagnoliVia Della Chiesa 3471496824
Locazioni turisticheGeom. Antonio Cesare De LucaVia Della Chiesa 3382286899
Locazioni turisticheGianfranco StipoVia Renato Magi 3483628817
Locazioni turisticheGianfranco StipoStrada Provinciale Della Valle Sul Rigo 3483628817
Locazioni turisticheGiorgia RuggeriVia Ss. 478 Sarteano 3472597750
Locazioni turisticheLuis López-Van DamPoggio Al Fibbia 3485634471
Locazioni turisticheMarcella NaldiVia Delle Mura 3387982255
Locazioni turisticheMarcella NaldiVia Del Ciliegio 3387982255
Locazioni turisticheMarcella NaldiVia Dello Spedale 3387982255
Locazioni turisticheMaria Cristina TognettiVia Della Croce 3479303360
Locazioni turisticheMarina KimVia Dei Forni 348/7201546
Locazioni turisticheMarina KimVia Dei Forni 348/7201546
Locazioni turisticheMarina KimVia Dei Forni 348/7201546
Locazioni turisticheMarina KimVia Dei Forni 348/7201546
Locazioni turisticheMarino RossettiStrada Della Mossa 3392319280
Locazioni turisticheMario RicciardiVia Della Croce 335497730
Locazioni turisticheMichelangelo AggraviVia Casacani 3283015910
Locazioni turisticheSilvano Del GrassoCasetta Di Costantino  
Locazioni turisticheSonia CardetaniVia Del Moro 3470961230
Locazioni turisticheValentina ScuderiniVia Del Ciliegio  
Locazioni turisticheVincenzo MorelliPodere Capannelle, Loc. Guardavalle 33621792179
OstelloRifugio Comunale Alceo GestriPiazza Anita Garibaldi N. 2+39 33152915563315291556